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About Us

We are on a mission
to empower sustainable decision makers in a multitude of business capacities to make informed decisions via Dydon’s intuitive, swift, and transparent AI solution — forgoing equally the need for endless human labor and AI expertise alike.
With a vision
to democratize AI and bring about the future of business.



RELIABILITY - We do what we say we’ll do, and we own it.


LEADERSHIP - As with our product, so with our people.


PASSION - Our admiration and devotion to technology.


INNOVATION - To learn and create better and more sustainable outcomes.


DIVERSITY - To recognize, nurture, and celebrate the value of multiplicity in experience.

Our Story

Dydon has invested 10+ man/years into the development of its responsive AI platform before bringing it on the market.

The company imagines an ultimate solution to AI in business and public issues alike. Its platform promises transparent, user-friendly AI to decision-makers in all situations where reliable insights are necessary. The speed of the web-service tool suite is one of Dydon’s biggest selling points, together with its revolutionary simplicity of use.

Hans-Peter Güllich, Dydon’s CEO is leading the product to the market with confidence of 25+ years in Enterprise SaaS, GRC, and AI. He aims to democratize AI and make it available to business people across the board, from ESG investing to AI in healthcare and medicine, without AI expertise necessary. Dydon realizes that potential by being one of a handful of AI providers that help you abandon AI expertise needs and costs, while leveraging the speed of its performance. Hans-Peter is accompanied by a team of founders and advisors with decades of combined experience, tirelessly working to allow Dydon to thrive.

Experienced Team


Serial Entrepreneur
Successful sale of previous IT firm to Thomson-Reuters.
25+ years in Enterprise SaaS, GRC and
He does a ton of rowing.

Dr. Hans-Peter Gullich

Founder & CEO

13+ years in global tech strategy and corporate finance.

Accompanied investment and investors in Tech internationally.

She dances Kizomba. Google it.

Katharina Dalka

Co-Founder / COO / Advisor

Pierre Suhrcke

VC in AI, FinTech, Insurtech and SaaS.

Co-founder and Chairman of Dydon.

Loves Football and is an avid supporter of 'Arsenal' and ‘Die Mannschaft’.

Pierre Suhrcke

Co-Founder / Advisor
Andreas Jäk

25+ years experience in financial services and risk management.

Founder and CEO of Imberg Consulting LLC.

Andreas Jak

Associate Partner / Advisor

20+ years of software engineering and operating experience in fintech.

Linux and Open Source hardware enthusiast.

Passionate motorcyclist & fisherman.

Dejan Prokic


Pankaj Sharma


Bhupesh Belchandan

IT Team Lead

Artem Lutov

Data Scientist, R&D engineer, and entrepreneur in the industry since 2006.

Likes ballroom dancing, martial arts, skiing, diving, gymnastics.

Where do you find the time?

Dr. Artem Lutov

Data Analytics Consultant
Bob Travelyan

40+ years experience.

Executive with extensive business development experience.

Lives part-time in Edinburgh, Scotland: “My spouse is completing a PhD in Law and Social Justice”.

Bob Travelyan

Americas Operations

Awards & Recognition

Top 10 Compliance Technology Solution Providers 2018 and Top 25 AI Solution Providers 2017

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