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Know Your Customer compliance efforts rest with banks who act to prevent illegal corruption schemes such as money laundering or terrorist financing, and are thus responsible for ensuring this compliance. The KYC process can, however, be costly, slow, manual, and complex. Contemporary AI solutions don’t always offer an answer to all of these. While they automate much of the process, they too are often slow, and too complex, creating a need for more manual work and AI-savvy business people who aren’t exactly readily available. Dydon AI addresses these issues and helps businesses simplify AI implementation and reap the benefits fast and easy. Unstructured and structured data from internal and external sources is captured fast, worked in the learning stages, and shaped into easily digestible and transparent insights. Robust data capture and sorting efforts are automated, costs and time reduced, and real-time insights produced.
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Health / Public

Part of the INTERREG FCE social innovation program, Early Warning Wearable Devices (EWWD) Project aims to introduce remote monitoring wearable devices for patients. Its subprojects Trainees Project and School Med-Tech Project want to stimulate social mobility and employment, as well as investment in these areas of development. Dydon is one of the partners on the project, helping EWWD automate routine processes to increase direct patient care, and analyze crucial data in real time. Pattern recognition is one of the many challenges AI can tackle, as well.


Pharmacovigilance is an important consideration to pharmaceutical market participants as a way for them to collect, detect, assess, monitor, and prevent adverse effects of pharmaceutical products. AI in pharma can bring massive value to the science of pharmacovigilance since its core revolves around collection and assessment of data paramount to people’s lives. The detection of information on drug safety in real time is an enormous undertaking on its own, and add to that the collection, assessment, and continuous monitoring in real time and the significance of the challenge becomes obvious. Click to read more about Dydon’s pharma application capabilities.


With the rise of climate change concerns and progressive social dynamics, businesses are increasingly expected to take their fair share of responsibility. Environmental, social, and governance factors in business dealings are becoming formalized in taxonomies and a spectrum of other regulatory efforts to require companies to comply. The “incentive” to comply, aside from genuine corporate social responsibility, comes from heavy fines to those market participants who do not. But to comply, assessment of ESG scores for businesses is a data nightmare. As a regulatory body, the EU is absolutely aware of the data challenge their new ESG regulation poses, and will hold off making it mandatory to comply for a short period. Click to find out how Dydon is helping simplify the process.


Ensuring continuous screening of latest changes in law and regulation is costly and time consuming. Nevertheless, it has always been a great necessity for all legal professions. The future of a business depends on its ability to comply with relevant laws and regulations, otherwise risking heavy fines. Deciding between cost-intense screening & compliance and heavy fines can be a tough one. Any legal profession is bound to know the latest legal updates to advise clients on an accurate basis. With AI and a full NLP stack stepping in, all of the manual labor is automated and efficiency, as well as accuracy, increased, with costs visibly declining. This is not possible with just any AI, however, as most AI today is heavily specialized, and thus often too complex and prolonged. Dydon’s AI addresses these issues, all while providing explainable results in user-friendly dashboards. Click to learn more.


Dydon’s AI is so versatile and powerful enough that its applications account for more than we can include here. Click to see how Dydon AI can be used for market intelligence data collection and processing, and decision making.

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