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VSK 2021 - Congress of Banking Industry

“Real estate financing according to EU taxonomy with artificial intelligence” by Dr. Hans-Peter Güllich at VÖB Service Kongress (VSK 2021)

DYDON is deeply honored to be part of VÖB Service Congress, the congress of the banking industry. Our Founder and CEO Dr. Hans-Peter Güllich will give a lecture
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Applying Artificial Intelligence for a New Age of Risk and Compliance Management

Misguided, mismanaged and misunderstood. How to provide easy to understand key information supporting fundamental C-Level decisions in the years ahead? Due to the sheer mass of available data
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Artificial Intelligence in Action for Managing Compliance

Consequently, any ongoing analytics of external and internal information reduces the risk of personal consequences for senior management significantly. In the previous post “Applying Artificial Intelligence for a
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How about Deregulation and Keeping-Up Employee Culture?

Despite Current Ideas for Deregulation – Research clearly illustrates, the right kind of regulation does work. Can AI help to monitor, measure and even improve employee culture? In my
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Building An AI Based ESG Monitoring System

Building An AI Based ESG Monitoring System for Corporates and Asset Managers

So why should firms and asset managers add a sustainability strategy to their already overloaded priorities? Will the extra effort pay off? The answer is, absolutely! Sustainability, sustainable
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Measuring the Unknown Unknown!

The Road to Positive Risk Management If the financial crisis has taught us one thing, it is that an unknown risk is an unmanaged risk. And far too
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