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ESG Taxonomy Management and Processing

Emission Calculation

The Challenge

Data access and processing will be at the core of successful establishment of the EU ESG regulation coming in
place in Q1 of 2021.

The how-to in this endeavor comes from our AI tool suite which will help companies align with ESG standards to the fullest extent possible. The EU anticipates and entertains the issue of the robust nature of data collection, but businesses still have some time to get on board.

By then, every financial advisor and financial market participant will have to provide a pre-contractual ESG assessment of any given potential investment opportunity.

The changes pose a significant increase in assessment requirements, which will mandate intelligent IT systems and digitization to cope. Not only IT, but bureaucracy challenges will multiply. Nevertheless, businesses must start complying with the Taxonomy, detailing new ESG assessment standards, in Q1 of 2021.

Compliance with the EU ESG standards through ESG assessments will help achieve the 6 core objectives of this environment-focused strategy:

How will the company be assessed?

A company’s compliance with the ESG regulation requirements will be assessed throughout different parameters like emission, energy consumption and waste production.

DYDON uses process engineering knowledge, officially available company data, and data from external sources, compiling all the information into a stack of data. This stack of data will then run through the DYDON AI analysis process, providing a tangible result, i.e. emission scoring that can be compared to the scoring provided by the EU regulation. The user will then be able to see at a glance if the company meets the EU ESG criteria or not.

The Solution

Dydon created an auxiliary service to tackle the issue of data collection and processing in this ESG assessment for
market participants.
ESG Graphic
In activities such as CO2 Emissions Calculation in cement production, AI capabilities will be combined with process engineering to create a knowledge base and process the public data and company input of different levels, providing decision makers with explainable business insights.

The Result

A tool that provides concise analysis from multiple sources:

Start gaining value from your data, and simplify AI for your business.

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