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AI for Sustainable Finance

The TAXO TOOL is the new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based platform ranking economic activities as environmentally sustainable in order to implement the EU taxonomy for sustainable investments.

Climate protection and sustainability are in the core interest of the European Commission, clearly expressed with the Green Deal and the Sustainable Finance Action Plan.

Establishing a uniform classification system (called EU Taxonomy) for environmen­tally sustainable economic activities is at the heart of this Action Plan – with the aim of determining the ecological sustainability of an investment.

The TAXO TOOL, developed in collaboration with VÖB Service (Association of German Public Banks), is mainly addressing banks and saving banks, but applies also to insurance and investment companies, fund managers and other industries and institutions falling under this new regulation.

The aim of the “TAXO TOOL” is to map the complexity of the technical evaluation criteria of the EU taxonomy for sustainability in one system and to enable automated procedures.

Transparency of the results it’s key element in our AI Suite, traducing in a “no-black box” approach.

We are on a mission
to empower sustainable decision makers in a multitude of business capacities to make informed decisions via Dydon’s intuitive, swift, and transparent AI solution — forgoing equally the need for endless human labor and AI expertise alike.
With a vision
to democratize AI and bring about the future of business.


1) FAST IMPLEMENTATION of the Taxonomy through automated processes based on AI technology

2) SHARING COSTS with other banks and companies for further software development

3) Any regulatory change will be integrated to enable your company to be always UP TO DATE

4) Easy to handle and READY TO GO thanks to cloud computing (SaaS) or an on-premise solution

5) TRANSPARENT RESULTS because we believe in the real need of change

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